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September 24, 2017
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Pool Safety Inspection Wynnum

In Wynnum, Brisbane’s Bayside this week, I conducted a pool safety inspection on a property that is for sale. The pool was right up the back and up on a retaining wall. A nice pool too. This one had a number of distinguishing features to the fence. Although I do come across glass fencing I rarely see it in this type of configuration.

The glass fence section was across the middle of the front fence. On either side was an aluminium pool fence. Quite odd really but it seemed to work okay. I can only assume it was done that way so there was a line of vision for supervising parents sitting in the patio area. This glass didn’t quite meet requirements. There were gaps greater than 10mm within a 450mm arc around the gate latch. This applied to both the gate clearance with the latch post and on the other side of the latch post. It was easy enough to deal with by putting some aluminium strips down the length of the post.

A separate problem was the neighbour had something up against the fence. Because the fence did not measure 1800mm high the non-climbable zone and “Additional Clear Area” of 1200mm in height is deemed to be on the neighbour’s side of the fence. In this case there was a wheelbarrow there. That was moved upon my follow up reinspection. Most neighbours are obliging in such matters. There are cases where this does not go down well though.

The rear fence was 1800mm in height so the non-climbable zone was deemed to be on the inside. The theory of the magical 1800mm height is that a child up to the age of 5 is unlikely to jump from that height. I’m not sure how that was formulated or tested but I’m sure it was with sound mind.

If you live in Wynnum or surrounding suburbs of Brisbane Bayside like Manly, Hemmant or Wynnum West I would like to conduct your pool safety inspection. You will find my rate very competitive and I am available at short notice.

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