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December 2, 2017

Pool Safety Inspection Wynnum Manly

This weeks pool inspection for the purpose of a pool certificate was at a property in Wynnum Manly. It was a battleax block set quite a bit back from the road. The house was majestic and grass surrounded it everywhere. Wynnum Manly is a bayside suburb of Brisbane and Manly fronts the foreshore. Naturally, the pool was around the back and it had a mixture of glass and aluminium fencing. There were quite a few shrubs bordering the fence but if someone was to remove them the fence still needs to comply.

The first thing I check is the CPR sign. Having a resuscitation sign is really really important and a requirement under the pool safety laws. There are several checks that need to me made for them including instructions for resuscitating an infant under 1 year of age. This requirement is that the child’s head “not” be tilted back and that 2 fingers be used for applying compressions to the chest. The new laws state that a CPR sign that is faded and needs replacing must comply with Guideline 8 of the ANZCOR specifications. As such 50-60 compressions in 30 seconds must now “precede” the 2 rescue breaths. So I replaced the sign.

The next thing I check is the functionality of the gates and the clearances. There was a BBQ as is often the case up against the fence and it was also preventing the gate from opening fully so I could not proceed with that check. In most instance, where the owner has allowed me to, I take video of the gate closing to show that it works fine. This is to protect the owner and is proof that it was functional at the time of the inspection in the event that later on down the track the new owner says it is faulty.

There was a section of fence that finished against the house. Unfortunately, it was right beside a low window ledge. Therefore, the fence had to be 1200mm high from the top of the ledge. There was some perspex on top but it was not compliant. It was too low.

At another section the top rail had been bent down from a tree falling on it, so the owner mentioned to me. It had to bent back up into position.

If you need a pool inspection to get a pool certificate in Wynnum Manly or surrounding suburbs like Wynnum or Manly West I would like to conduct your inspection. I live close by and my rates are really reasonable.

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