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August 14, 2017
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Pool Safety Inspection Thornlands

It’s disappointing when you come across a pool to inspect where the client has been given the wrong information. This week a fence inspection in Thornlands opened my eyes to the misinformation that can be given to people about what should be done to make their pool barrier compliant.

This client had been told they had to promptly put perspex up along the very top of the fence for it to comply with the Pool Safety Laws. Upon measuring the clearance between the top of the fence and the ground it was very obvious the fence complied. As much as I would like to name and shame it’s not appropriate to do so but it’s important to say that when having an inspection and something doesn’t comply, get the inspector to show you how and why. In this instance the expense and time involved in making the fence compliant has left a bad taste in the client’s mouth about the power others have over you to insist on complying. It also points out that the obvious lack of use of a tape measure has caused this inconvenience to the pool owner. I sympathise with them.

There were other things wrong with the inspection too. The client was told that the 1700mm high fence was not an issue despite there being a climbable tree in the neighbour’s yard that provided access to the pool area. Had the fence been 1800mm high, yes, this would not be an issue. See what happens to the non-climbable zone when a pool fence is 1800mm high in this diagram. In this case rather than regularly asking the neighbour to trim the tree it made more sense to raise the height of the fence to 1800mm using perspex. It’s a shame the perspex used on the fence I mentioned earlier could not be used but it was not high enough to properly secure it to the fence.

If you want to avoid unnecessary work and costs to make your pool fence compliant, I would like to conduct your pool safety inspection. I service Thornlands and surrounding suburbs like Ormiston, Cleveland and Victoria Point.

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