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October 6, 2017
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Pool Safety Inspection Tarragindi

Tarragindi is where I conducted a pool safety inspection this week that was a little different from the norm. To start with it was an above ground pool. The landlord agreed to the tennant putting one in so long as the fencing complied and was all handled by the tenant. It was a relatively small pool about 500mm high and the fence in close proximity so it was small also.

The tenant was a lovely person and understood their obligations completely. There was an existing pool safety certificate but it was due to expire in the near future. The first item that did not comply was the aluminium gate. The gate must not get stuck at any point. Due to the slope on the grass it would get stuck and not close. The tenant rightly said that it always swung closed behind them but that was not factoring in that it could be opened further out which is where it got stuck. A strap that limited the arc was an easy solution for that.

In another area the gap under the fence was greater than 100mm. It appeared to be due to erosion of the soil. The next panel along, even though compliant now would not be compliant for long. I recommended the client have that attended to as well and they did out of prudence for the future.

The only other non-compliant item was star pickets that were supporting a shade cloth and were in the “Clear Area” of 300mm from the fence. Even though the rope was quite high off the ground it still needed to be remedied. One solution was to move the star pickets in towards the pool. The other very easy solution was to tie the shade sail to the fence, which of course was the option chosen.

If you live in Tarragindi or surrounding suburbs likes Greenslopes, Holland Park or Annerley I would like to conduct your pool safety inspection. I am proud to say that my rates are very affordable and I am available at short notice.

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