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September 4, 2017
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September 17, 2017

Pool Safety Inspection Springwood

This was definitely a pool safety inspection with a difference this week at Springwood. Springwood is a suburb in Logan, just south of Brisbane. In this case there was a diving platform, not a diving board, a platform with steps located high above the water. The owner spared no expense in making this place a place for parties. He said it was a place of much fun and would miss it. We came across a ball and chain when moving some pot plants and I asked if it had been chained to people at times, to which the client said “yes”.

Anyway, onto the inspection. First port of call was the CPR sign. It was faded and ready to fall off the fence. Grabbing one from my car boot got that all sorted. There were some strange but necessary arrangements with the fence as some sections had large boulders around the outside so the height of the fence had been raised with suntuff corflute to meet the 1200mm “Additional clear area” requirements. See the Additional Clear Area in orange.

In another area there was a retaining wall plus the fence on top of that, which provided a drop down to the pool area of greater than 1800mm. In such cases the Non-climbable Zone can be deemed to be on the inside because children 5 and under are said not to attempt a jump down to the ground when greater than 1800mm (1.8m).

The rear fence met the requirements of 1800mm as well. Another side fence of greater than 1200mm was infringed upon with pot plants. Moving those fixed that problem.

If you live in Springwood or surrounding suburbs like Daisy Hill, Rochedale South or Underwood I would be more than happy to conduct your pool inspection. My rates are very competitive and I am available at short notice.

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