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September 13, 2017
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Pool Safety Inspection Raby Bay

Raby Bay in the Redlands in terms of postal address is Cleveland. The inspection I did there this week was very different to one I did a month back. This one did not have a glass fence. It was an aluminium pool fence on 2 sides and terraced brick on another.

The terrace posed a slight problem in spots because it did not achieve the height of 1200mm. The result was the client would have to raise the height with something like perspex, keeping in mind that it needs to pass the rigidity test so it would need a little structural support.

I prefer to see Suntuff used as apposed to perspex even though it requires more structural support. Perspex tends to crack with time but most people find it more appealing given it is clear. Suntuff is readily available at hardware stores.

On this occasion there were a number of objects on the neighbour’s side that could be used to step up onto the fence. More specifically the objects were in the non-climbable zone (NCZ) and the “additional clear area”. ¬†These objects included crates, pot plants, loose bricks and planter boxes. Whilst the client believed all could be moved to comply with the pool laws there were still spots where compliance could not be achieved without affixing perspex to the top of the fence. Examples include, rocks concreted in place and a garden terraced with Besser bricks.

If you live in Raby Bay or surrounding suburbs like Ormiston, Thornlands or Alexandra Hills I would be more than happy to conduct your pool safety inspection. My Prices are very competitive and I am available at short notice. If you work late you can catch me on the mobile until 7pm. I also have a pre-inspection guide I can email you which highlights some of the things I will be looking for. It’s not complete in its entirety but it gives you a good head start. I look forward to hearing from you.

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