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July 31, 2017
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Pool Safety Inspection Ormiston

The variety in pool and house arrangements is a credit to the pool building industry. In Ormiston this week I inspected a pool with a 2 story house that was the old style of a double garage underneath that had been built in. There’s quite a bit of this around in the Redlands.

The pool itself was pretty standard but nice and the fence arrangement unique. Interestingly, the pool area was in the shape of this ‘a’ letter with a section that hooked right around behind the shed and there was work that needed doing around there too. A wedge, also known as a fillet or tilt batten, needed to be mounted on the top rail to prevent small feet from getting a hold. This was necessary because this section of fence intersected with the boundary/diving fence that had been deemed to have the non-climbable zone on the inside because it was 1800mm high.

On a different diving fence, 2 posts had rotted away and didn’t pass the rigidity test that is applied. Two new posts were installed by the fellow I recommend to clients. Problem solved.

Ormiston is a mixture of old and newer houses. There are a couple of newer estates. There’s a good percentage of swimming pools in the area which in my case is good for business. Ormiston also has the lowest rate of break-ins in the Redlands. It’s a pretty little area and close to shops etc.

If you live in Ormiston or surrounding suburbs like Cleveland, Alexandra Hills or Wellington Point I would be more than happy to conduct your pool safety inspection. I’m available at short notice and my rates are very competitive not to forget that I take pride in my work and will conduct your inspection in a professional manner. And yes I have the appropriate insurance as required by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

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