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October 28, 2017
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November 5, 2017

Pool Safety Inspection Mt Cotton

In Mt Cotton this week I did a pool safety inspection that was a little different to most. The owners were selling as is often the case in this line of work but I still get a fair share of rental properties that need a pool safety certificate done every 2 years as part of the pool laws.

This pool was pretty much an above ground pool built into the sloping block and had decking around it. The owners had just re-oiled the deck so it was a little sticky under foot.. definitely not drastic though. The water level was quite a bit higher than the patio off to the side.

The first thing to stand out was a large access gate. These can sometimes prove to be problematic because there is so much weight hanging off the hinges. Unfortunately, it did not pass because it was hitting the ground and stopping half through its swing. Raising it meant the owner had to also place some perspex or plastic or timber at the bottom to close the gap to the ground that would be made by raising it. A maximum gap under a fence or gate should be no more than 100mm.

There was a second gate that appeared to not be in use. It only had a bolt latch which of course is not self-latching and without a spring the gate was not self-closing either.

A CPR sign had yet to be erected. Regrettably, the client had already purchased one for $40. I keep them in my car and only charge $30.

If you live in the Redlands in suburbs like Mt Cotton, Thornlands or Victoria Point I would appreciate your call to conduct your pool safety inspection. I believe my rates are very competitive and I am available at short notice.

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