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October 11, 2017
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October 18, 2017

Pool Safety Inspection Capalaba

Well hello again. It seems I have a lot of pool safety inspections to write about these days. This week I conducted one in Capalaba, a suburb of the Redlands. This pool safety inspection was pretty stock standard with some of the usual non-compliant items needing attention. What annoys me is I keep coming across situations where someone has certified the pool fence when it was not compliant. It’s really important to get the inspection right for the sake of the pool laws which are designed to keep children safe. These laws weren’t just plucked out of thin air; they were constructed with a lot of consultation with various pool safety organisations and experts in the field. No system of protection is absolutely perfect and protecting children whilst still maintaining practicality is difficult but I believe the pool laws as they stand are certainly a good measure of protection for children’s sake. So, having said my piece, onto this week’s inspection in Capalaba.

The first obvious non-compliant item was a low window sill very close to the pool fence. It was in the “Additional Clear Area” of 1200mm down from the top of the fence. Soooo obvious. What was required is a strip of perspex across the top of the fence. So that was that part dealt with.

CPR signs are required to be mounted within the pool area. Even though this one was located where it could be seen it was not compliant. It appeared to be glued to the wall so we decided it was better to leave it there (save leaving a mess) and erect a new one inside the pool area.

The next item was very tricky. The client had built 2 retaining walls either side of the fence. The one on the inside was in the “Clear Area” of 300mm in from the fence so that had to be shielded. The one on the outside was about 400mm high and reduced in height as it went backwards towards the rear fence. This infringed into the “Non-climbable Zone” of 900mm down from the top of the fence and the “Additional Clear Area” of 1200mm down from the top of the fence thereby changing the effective height of the fence. At first glance it appeared that perspex added to the fence would only have to go as high as 900mm but that wasn’t factoring in the effective height of the fence. The perspex needed to be 1200mm high from the top of the retaining wall and follow that backwards towards the rear fence. Problem sorted.

If you live in Capalaba or surrounding suburbs like Sheldon, Alexandra Hills or Birkdale I would like to conduct your pool safety inspection. I believe I have the best rates in the Redlands and I can be there within days.

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