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September 21, 2017
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Pool Safety Inspection Birkdale

A pool safety inspection in Birkdale this week brought about a few non-compliant fence items. The client insisted on being present during the inspection, which I always encourage anyway. The beauty of him being there on this occasion is he could attend to the issues needing attention.

First issue off the block was a gate that appeared to close but there was a slight clunking noise as it did so. On closer investigation it was found not to consistently close from a slight open position. What was found was the aluminium pool fence had slid sideways a bit because it was not attached at the other end. I come across this often. With a slight lifting of the gate to the correct position and a screw fixed at the loose end the problem was solved.

Birkdale has some newer estates and there’s a nice long walking pathway along the water’s edge on the northern part. Birkdale is situated between Wellington Point and Thorneside. I dare say there would be a lot of swimming pools in that northern Aquatic Paradise development. I’ve yet to conduct a pool safety inspection there but I have done quite a few in Raby Bay.

Next cab off the rank was the CPR sign, which was not displayed within the pool area. Four screws out and four back in and that was attended to. This client was a chippy so he was no stranger to using power tools, a drill especially.

Finally, there was a small section of fence towards the rear of the property on the neighbour’s side where a retaining wall had been built. The fence was still 1200mm high as required but the two lower rails were not 900mm apart and both had to have a fillet (or wedge section) fitted to them. This wedge has a 60 degree angle on it to prevent children from getting a foothold. It’s the required degree of steepness by the QBCC and is readily available at Bunnings (they call them tilt battens).

I service the Redlands mainland so if you live in Birkdale or surrounding suburbs like Ormiston, Wellington Point or Thorneside I would be very happy to conduct your pool inspection. My rates are very competitive and I am available at short notice.

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