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July 3, 2017
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Pool Safety Inspection Bethania

Logan is rather large area. This week I did a pool inspection in Bethania for a client that was selling their property. This was another case of a galvanised steel fence combined with tool sheds bounding the pool. None of the parts of the barrier was formed by a neighbouring fence so the pool was plopped in the middle of the back yard. I don’t see that too often.

Galvanised fencing, although compliant, is less aesthetically pleasing. Normally it would be fair to say that it has good anti-corrosion properties. In this instance, however, one of the posts had fully rusted away at the bottom and needed replacing.

It’s good practise to check all the fence posts surrounding a pool. In fact, it is a requirement of the inspection process that they be tested for rigidity. It took very little work to remedy this non-compliant post and then the re-inspection passed with flying colours.

The other aspect I had point out to the client was the proximity of the fence to the pool. There’s what’s called equipotential bonding. This is where 2 or more metal items are bonded/earthed in a way such that they are equal. If a pool pump was to begin to fail and was leaking electricity into the pool, someone touching the fence and the pool at the same time have the potential to be electrocuted because the fence is bonded to the ground/earthed at a different point to the pool pump. For this reason a distance of less than 1250mm from water’s edge to the fence must be pointed out to the pool owner in the event they wish to follow through with getting an electrician to look at it.

If you need some advice on your pool barrier I offer a consultation service and I service suburbs surrounding Bethania like Loganholme, Tanah Merah, Loganlea and Waterford.

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