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September 17, 2017
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Pool Safety Inspection Beenleigh

A brief trip to Beenleigh for a pool safety inspection this week revealed a property tucked away just off the main road. There were no properties behind or to the left of this place and I’m fairly certain the clients owned some of it, which made them work hard to maintain it. Although that wasn’t the reason they were selling and needing a pool fence inspection, they were staying within Logan.

This inspection presented some rather different configurations, the first being the gate. It was located in front of some stairs and butted up to the verandah. At first look I had to really think about the access to the pool and how that was prevented and not facilitated. Along the verandah, perspex had been placed against the rails because they were more than 100mm apart and also along the bottom because again it was more than a 100mm gap. The reasoning behind this measurement of 100mm is that a child of 5 or less could fit through it. The age of 5 and under is what all the pool safety laws are central to.

As far as trees close to the pool, the clients had taken a number out before I arrived as they feared they would be non-compliant. Please consider the post/object in this diagram of things considered to be in the non-climbable zone and additional clear area when assessing if trees should be trimmed (whether they be in your yard or your neighbour’s). Notably, some vegetation is too bristly to climb and some too thin to hold a child’s weight. Golden Cane palm trees are considered non-climbable. The thing to note with them is the branches should be trimmed on a very steep angle, 60° as a minimum to be precise, or removed when they can, such as when they start to turn brown. If you are in doubt about a tree’s suitability then either trim it or invite me to conduct a consultation on your pool fence. Consultations are cheaper because there is no fee for the government certificate and there is less paperwork involved for me. This is where you can find my Prices.

I have a steady flow of work coming in from Beenleigh and surrounding suburbs like Bahrs Scrub, Edens Landing and Waterford in the Logan area. If you are selling or renting your home I would be more than happy to conduct your pool safety inspection. My rates are very competitive and I am available at short notice. I look forward to hearing from you.

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