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October 22, 2017
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Pool Safety Certificate Thornlands

Well this week’s pool safety certificate that was issued for a Thornlands property was something new to me. I certainly hope horses can’t jump pool fences because this pool fence was adjacent to the horse paddock. For the most part it complied with the pool laws but I will run through some areas of non-compliance.

The first most obvious non-compliant issue was the horse’s water trough, which was located right next to the fence. That had to go or be moved out 900mm from the fence. Easily sorted.

The next was some cyclone fencing adjacent to the pool fence and formed part of the horse’s gate (or car access). Fortunately, there were some steel galvanised pool fencing panels lying around which were fitted to the gate once the cyclone fencing had been removed. There was a second gate at the other end of fenced area with the same problem. Both were easily dealt with by the owner who runs his own handyman business.

Next thing was a new garden bed. The bed itself was not too high but the garden edging was. Options included recessing the garden edging into the ground or removing it altogether. The latter was chosen. The reason this was necessary was the garden edging infringed into the 1200mm clearance area from the top of the fence.

Thornlands has quite a bit of acerage property. Some of it is in little pockets and others quite large areas. It adjoins Sheldon which has enormous amounts of acerage properties.

The final area needing attention was a buried grey water tank in the horses paddock. It had been fenced off and was right beside the pool fence. It was not compliant in several ways. The rails were climbable and there was some mesh that was also climbable. It all had to go and all that was left standing was a small post, as a marker, some distance from the fence.

If you live in Thornlands I would like to be part of getting your pool safety certificate for your property. I service a number of areas in the Redlands like Sheldon, Victoria Point and Mount Cotton. I believe my Rates are amongst the best in the market and I am available at short notice.

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