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February 24, 2017
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March 20, 2017

Pool Inspection Redlands

The latest pool inspection Redlands had another interesting setup. It’s amazing how each fence and pool arrangement is so incredibly unique. There’s no one-fits-all. I saw a number of varying setups during my work experience too, an unnecessary requirement for me to become a pool inspector but certainly something I would recommend to other people considering becoming an inspector. I really got a sense of what the government is trying to achieve with the new pool laws. Being a local bloke, pool inspections Redlands will be my main focus area. Travel to other areas is inevitable as my business grows.

Today’s pool inspection was a rental property that was being sold. The property was on a corner block and the pool sat on one of the sides of the corner, so basically in the front yard. It was accessible from the front driveway area as well as the patio. To make use of the corner section the owner had erected a new fence that followed the front boundary and now encompassed the pool area providing a play area for kids on the grass. To maintain privacy it was constructed of 1.8m colourbond. What a great idea. Up here for thinkin’ ! The beauty also of making it 1.8m high was that it mattered not what was happening on the outside of the fence because the non-climbable zone (NCZ) was on the inside, which is something that is within your control. See this cross-section for a 1800mm high fence.

So the idea of designating the NCZ on the inside of the property is that the area has to be free of objects that can be used as a foothold to climb down from the 1.8m high fence and into the pool area. In this instance the only things were golden cane palm trees that were suitably far enough away from the fence and besides golden canes do not provide footholds; the fronds are flimsy.

Taps provide a good foothold and there was one mounted to a post in the corner but it was 1250mm below the top of the fence. Perfect ! A different tap mounted to the fence in a different spot had to be moved down and some pool vacuum hose wall mount hooks had to be removed to comply; that was quickly and easily dealt with using a cordless drill and simply storing the pool accessories in the shed. The shed was suitably high enough too such that a five year old might not consider the big jump to the ground. Five year olds and under are the basis for the tough pool laws and prevention of incidents in swimming pools.

Now here’s the kicker as far as fence variety on just one side. There were 3 types.. colourbond connected to a brick wall (the garage) then followed by an aluminium pool fence along the patio edge. It’s hard to describe but I can’t post photos due to confidentiality.

That sums up another pool inspection Redlands.

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