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July 13, 2017
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July 24, 2017

Pool Inspection Raby Bay

Every so often I come across a property where everything is in order. This week in Raby Bay the pool inspection I conducted was such a case. That doesn’t mean I have nothing to talk to you about the inspection. In fact I have quite a bit to say.

Glass panels were used extensively to surround the pool. In line with this type of design comes a different latching mechanism for the gate. The typical latch opening knob used on aluminium pool gates must be 1500mm high (minimum). There’s a second measurement which applies but it’s difficult to explain. On a glass fence however, it is common to see the latch mechanism situated on the inside of the gate. The measurement that applies is the latch must be at least 150mm down from the top of the gate. This prevents children from reaching over and unlatching the gate. In this inspection it was 300mm down, which i think is far more appropriate but the pool safety laws do not require such a large measurement.

Glass fences are common in Raby Bay. Clearances under the fence were less than the stated 100mm maximum. The fence height all the way round met specification as well. The tricky bit however, was where the boundary fence met the rear of the neighbouring property. Obviously, this was not a glass fence; it was rendered brick. It was terraced so it stepped down to a low level at the very rear. To maintain consistency with the rest of the pool fencing, glass had been used to maintain the necessary height, which was quite high when measuring down to the ground in the neighbour’s yard. It was also noticeably thicker due the means necessary to mount it and for it to maintain rigidity in this free standing application. Hopefully this photo of the fence highlights what I am describing.high glass pool fence If you live in Raby Bay or surrounding suburbs like Cleveland, Ormiston or Thornlands I would be more than happy to conduct your pool safety inspection.

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