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June 5, 2017
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June 13, 2017

Pool Inspection Ormiston

It’s regrettable when you come across a pool that has so many non-compliant items but it is what it is so you can’t afford to cut corners no matter how insignificant they may be. In Ormiston this week I was called by a tenant living in a house without a valid Pool Safety Certificate. When renting/leasing a property the owner is obligated by law to have an inspection done every 2 years. From what I could make out, the owner was not aware that this was a requirement. So the property had exceeded the December 2015 conformity cut off date by a long margin. But that was only the beginning.

Upon inspection it became apparent there were 10 non-compliant barrier problems such that they could not be dealt with while I was there. I won’t list them all, needless to say that these ranged from minor things like a small tree in the non-climbable zone to major problems like a timber fence post hanging in mid air because the bottom had rotted away, which obviously would not comply with the rigidity test and was also almost “a state of disrepair”. With some solid pushing and pulling the fence probably could have been torn down.

In between there was lattice work right beside the fence and gates that did not comply. To date I would have to say this was the most non-compliant pool barrier I have seen but the owner was more than happy to oblige and swiftly went about attending to all the items on the Non-Conformity Notice.  The red sections in this picture highlight the non-compliant items.pool fence plan in Ormiston

It just goes to show that despite the best efforts of communication with the public about their responsibilities some properties will fall through the cracks. If it has been a while since you had your pool inspected and you live in areas of the Redlands like Ormiston, Cleveland, Wellington Point or Birkdale then I provide a consultation service that will give you peace of mind that your pool complies with the Pool Safety Standards.

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