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November 16, 2017
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Pool Inspection Mount Warren Pk

This week’s pool inspection takes us to Mount Warren Pk near Beenleigh. And boy oh boy was it a bit different. The blatantly obvious problem was there was access to the pool area from the house. All outdoor pools must be segregated from the house with a fence and gate.

It was a difficult one because of the layout of the house on the land. Not only that but a gate at the side of the house opened inwards towards the pool, didn’t have a self closing latch and wasn’t self closing (no spring hinges). There were windows that opened up straight into the pool area which were easily dealt with by putting a screw in the bottom runner that limited them from opening more than 100mm. The rest of the windows were security screened.

As for the doors, there were 2 of them, the back door and the laundry door. In both instances separate sections of fence were required. So the big question was where to run these fences. One option was down along the pool line and the other was along the patio line. The later was a far better choice. The drawback with the patio line was to get to the rear shed meant going through the gate. That could be annoying if you are working on a project and are constantly going to the shed for tools.

Two of the remaining fences, namely the boundary or dividing fences were compliant with the pool safety. The other one required the application of a fillet… also known as a wedge section. These are available from Bunnings for $4 for a 2.4m length. Several would be needed to run along the rear boundary fence on the neighbour’s side. The reason being is from the top of the bottom horizontal rail to the top of the mid rail was less than 900mm.

If you live in the surrounding areas of Mount Warren Park like Beenleigh, Bahrs Scrub or Bethania I would like conduct your pool inspection. I am available at short notice and my rates are very affordable.

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