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August 7, 2017
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August 21, 2017

Pool Inspection Mount Cotton

This week’s pick of the bunch was a pool inspection I did at Mount Cotton. The pool was raised up on a higher level than the patio entertaining area which is a shame because it makes it harder to keep an eye on the kids. Nonetheless, it was a nice arrangement and nice swimming pool.

This one was interesting because there was a tree on the nature strip that obviously local council have control over in Mount Cotton. It was infringing into the non-climbable zone. Council advised that it would take 20 days to inspect it to see if it warranted removing. It was quite small but fortunately 10 days later the council had removed it. Also unfortunately, the owner had begun the process of making the fence compliant while the tree was there. Fortunately, they had only spent a few dollars in achieving this.

The other boundary fence along the back had a bunch of stuff in the neighbour’s yard that also infringed into the non-climbable zone (NCZ). It was decided to raise the height of the fence with some palings to make it 1800mm. This meant that the 900mm non-climbable zone at the top of the fence could be on the inside of the fence where obviously the owner has control over the area. This is a common remedy to such problems. It’s a little bit of work but looks quite good as a fix. The palings will fade over the next 3 months and blend in with the existing palings. I had a similar situation with an pool owner in Alexandra Hills but they opted to use perspex. The diagram of a pool fence 1800mm high explains it quite well.

It’s often the case that owners need to perform a few works to make their pool compliant with the pool laws. The reason is things change. Eg; trees grow, neighbours do things on the other side of the fence, fence posts rot out and sometimes the pool safety laws change. It can be quite a number of years between when a pool owner has an inspection and they choose to sell their house so it’s inevitable that something needs attention. I do come across the odd occasion where nothing needs doing. What my clients find helpful is the Pre-inspection Guide that I email to them so they can try to address a number of obvious things before my appointment with them.

If you live in Mt Cotton or surrounding suburbs like Cornubia, Redland Bay or Victory Point I would be very happy to conduct your pool safety inspection. My rates are very competitive and I’m available at short notice. Hoping to hear from you.

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