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May 14, 2017
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June 5, 2017

Pool Inspection Logan

This week takes us to a pool inspection in Rochedale South. This one was particularly different because a new boundary fence had been erected and while the work was being done a temporary fence was put up close to the pool waterline.

Although the work was complete, the temporary fence had to remain there until a pool inspector checked the barriers and issued a pool safety certificate. That was my job, namely, to certify the outer fence.

Well like most pools I inspect, there was a number of different fence types. I don’t come across galvanised steel fences very often, possibly because they are less aesthetically appealing but they certainly pass all the criteria of an inspection. And there were no signs of corrosion so they do stand up to the rigors of being outdoors and close to a pool. Whether that pool was a salt water one though I couldn’t tell you.

The new boundary fence was Colourbond and 1800mm high, which meant that the non-climbable zone (900mm arc from the top of the fence) could be designated as inside the fence. What that in effect means is it matters not what is against the fence on the other side in the neighbour’s yard. 1800mm is deemed to be the height at which a child is most likely not to jump down from without something to put their foot on. So providing there are no foot-holds on the fence, or trees that have limbs to stand on, in the pool owner’s yard then it passes the criteria. To see a diagram of what I am referring to look at this pool fence cross section.

I did a pool inspection the other week that had a 1800mm high fence but the deep layer of bark chip made it 1700mm. To comply with the QDC MP 3.4 standards we had to rake the bark back away from the fence leaving only the thinnest of layers.

So the only critique I have of a steel fence is the gate latch mechanism. They are a bit clunky and don’t always want to play the game. In this inspection the owner had fitted a new modern latch mechanism. Much better!

Maybe you live near Rochedale South, like in Underwood, Springwood, Daisy Hill or Eight Mile Plains and need a pool inspection. I would like to be of service to you. This is where you can see my Prices.

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