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March 20, 2017
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May 24, 2017

Pool Inspection in Thornlands

Such a diverse range of fence types on one property. That’s this week’s pick of the pool inspections in Thornlands. House bricks, glass fence, aluminium fence and timber fence all made up this pool’s fence barrier, not a bad mix the way it was all sectioned. From the patio you could see through the glass fence to the pool. Of course it would have been odd to continue that glass out onto the grass; they don’t really go together so aluminium fencing was used there and they were separated by a brick pillar.

There are a lot of pools in Thornlands. Thornlands is a well known area for families. There are older areas and newer estates. There’s a skate park, walkways and a nice selection of shops centrally located. Anyway back to the pool inspection.

There was a tricky section at the front of property which provided access from a car park and road. The first part that stood out was the gate got stuck on the fine gravel car park spot. This was attended to by driving a stake into the ground about 10 inches from the hinges which in turn limited the range of motion of the gate. Another part had been built up so from the raised ground to the top of the fence was less than 1200mm and infringed into what’s called the additional clear area. The solution was to raise that section of fence but that left a gap greater than 100mm under the fence. This issue was addressed by putting a retaining wall plank at the bottom and driving some bigger steel tent pegs (with the tops cut off) through it into the ground, quite a nifty little solution.

The rear fence of timber was a bit shy of 1800mm high so the non-climbable zone (NCZ) was deemed to be on the outside. This didn’t pose a problem because the neighbour’s side of the fence was all clear of climbable objects. The other timber barrier was a different story. There were ladders and what not up against the fence so the best option was to make the non-climbable zone on the inside. Given it too was 1700mm high the bark had to be raked back away from the fence to make it 1800mm high. And there was a good layer of bark so problem sorted.

If you live in Thornlands or Cleveland and need a pool inspection please don’t hesitate to ring me. I provide a great service at a competitive price and I can be there at short notice, not to mention I’m contactable until 7pm at night.

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