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July 24, 2017
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Pool Inspection Cleveland

In Cleveland I did a pool inspection this week that was rather unique. The house was used for child care so it was really really important that the pool safety inspection was done correctly. Cleveland is probably the pick of the suburbs in the Redlands and this inspection showed an array of fence specifications.

The first thing that stuck out when I arrived was the BBQ and bar stool that were within the 300mm clear area on the inside of the aluminium pool fence. That was easily taken care of naturally. I advised the owner to always keep that area clear so that young children can not put their foot through the fence and use these things as leverage to climb the pool fence. This area is referred to as the Clear Area. I ran into a similar problem on another job. There was a bench seat and pot plant too close (within 900mm) of the fence on the outside in the Non-climbable Zone. See this cross section of a fence and the areas that must remain clear to obtain compliance and receive your pool safety certificate.

The CPR sign was in good order and showed the steps necessary to administer CPR as per Guideline 7 of the ANZCOR recommendations.

Even though the Non-climbable Zone was deemed to be on the outside all the way around, there were 2 types of fences, an aluminium pool fence and Colourbond. It all complied with the pool safety standards and the posts were rigid and in good condition. The Squeeze Test on the aluminium fence proved fine. This test is to ensure children can’t squeeze through the bars and is conducted by applying a handshake-like squeeze on two bars and measuring the distance between the gaps on either side. This measurement must be no less than 105mm. Some bars are quite flexible but they still meet the pool law specifications surprisingly. Note: when untouched the vertical bars must be no less than 100mm apart. I have come across the odd one that was 100mm apart and I thought for sure when I applied the squeeze test it would be over the 105mm allowed but no, the bars were very very rigid and passed the test. They were galvanised steel bars, not aluminium.

If you live in Cleveland or surrounding suburbs like Thornlands or Ormiston I would like to conduct your pool inspection. My rates are super competitive and I am available at short notice. Here’s hoping I receive your call.

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