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October 18, 2017
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Pool Inspection Capalaba

This week’s pool inspection pick of the bunch was at Capalaba in the Redlands. There were a few noncompliant issues and some were able to be dealt with while I was there so that the pool fence complied with the pool laws.

The first was a gap under the fence of greater than 100mm (10cm). This was dealt with by placing a large rock there. The next one was the CPR signage. The sign itself was compliant but it was not located in the correct position, ie it was outside the pool area. That was sorted easily and positioned in a “prominent” position as per the pool laws.

Another was a fence paling that had come loose. A hammer and nail sorted that out. One more was a gap greater than 100mm (10cm) at the intersection of 2 fences. Fortunately, the owner had some framing timber that he screwed vertically along the intersection. This certainly was a job requiring adjustment. Luckily, I didn’t have another pool inspection after this one. But wait, there’s more! One of the pool gates got stuck in the open position and didn’t close. This is not allowed. It can be addressed by knocking in a timber stake at a point where it will not go to far open. The other option was to put a strap on it, which was the option adopted. While the customer was attending to all these things I kept about my business of conducting the pool inspection.

Capalaba is aplenty with swimming pools. There are approximately 6,800 homes in Capalaba. It’s a fairly old area but there are some newer homes as well.

The final 2 issues that both included retaining walls. With the first one the wall was on the inside and in the “Clear Area” of 300mm inside and within 900mm down. Perspex was the best answer to shield it off. Perspex was also used on the large retaining wall that the fence climbed. This one needed to be 1200mm high from the retaining wall and 900mm out from the intersection of the fences. It required quite a large piece of perspex. In this case it also closed off a gate. This second gate was in an impracticable position so it was not required really. The other big problem with the gate according to the owner was it moved with the retaining wall and rear fence so it would close properly one day and not the next. So it was best that it was closed off permanently. See intersecting fences on a retaining wall.

If you live in Capalaba or surrounding suburbs of the Redlands like Birkdale, Sheldon or Alexandra Hills I would like to conduct your pool inspection. I believe my rates are very fair and I’m available at short notice.

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