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August 31, 2017
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Pool Fence Inspection Victoria Point

This weeks pool fence inspection in Victoria Point was particularly sticky. There were quite a few non-compliant issues to be dealt with and surprise surprise there was the addition of an unfenced spa. The pool laws are very clear in stating that any structure meant for swimming that can hold 300mm (or more) of water must be fenced or otherwise suitably made compliant.

I say otherwise suitably made compliant because with a spa there is the option to remove the plumbing so it can not hold water. This work must be done by a plumber and a written declaration provided. The lid must also be screwed on.

The option that was available in this instance was to put the spa inside the pool area on the grass. Two problems existed though. 1) the spa needed to be hard wired for the pump to work so an electrician would be involved and no power was down that end of the pool area, and 2) getting the spa over the pool fence was going to require quite a number of people to avoid damage to the spa and the fence.

There were other non-compliant issues at this Victoria Point property. There was a glass fence in one section with a gate and the gap between the gate and the post where the latch is was greater than 10mm. The area of clearance is 450mm in a circle around the latch so the 10mm clearance limitation extends down the gate quite a way.

Another non-compliance was the CPR resuscitation sign. It was faded. As of the Jan 2017 any sign that needs replacing must comply with the ANZCOR Guideline 8 recommendations. The most important change is that CPR compressions must precede rescue breaths. Some suppliers have been slow to provide their customers with the updated signs. When inspecting your pool fence, I keep compliant signs with me in the event they are required.

If you live in Victoria Point or surrounding suburbs like Mount Cotton, Redland Bay or Thornlands I would be very happy to conduct your pool fence inspection. I am available at short notice and my prices are competitive. I look forward to hearing from you.

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