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Pool Fence Inspection Redland Bay

Once in a while you come across a neighbour that is difficult to deal with. This was the case with a pool fence inspection I did in Redland Bay this week. In this instance making the pool fence compliant was a very easy and cheap fix BUT it required permission from the neighbour to conduct works on their side of the fence.

The work required would only take 1.5 hours and with minimal disruption, not to mention the cost was very very low. Unfortunately however, the neighbour wanted nothing to do with it. The remaining option was to raise the height of the fence to 1800mm. This could be accomplished a number of ways and I must say the option decided on was really aesthetically pleasing.

The fence could be raised using 7mm plywood, timber board, fence palings or 5mm perspex. Fence palings were chosen and were simply placed over the top of the existing palings. You’d never realise the fence had been raised unless your eyes were drawn to the bottom of the fence where the palings were sitting prouder than the palings under them. In a few months when the timber has weathered a bit, it won’t be noticeable.

The other non-compliant aspect was some pebbles under the fence. Pebbles can be easily removed by children to gain access to the pool area. Admittedly, they would have to be determined to dig an access point under the fence but as per Newsplash July 2013, there was a new ruling brought in about this. The gap under the pool fence must not be more than 100mm. See the diagram of pebbles under a pool fence from that Newsplash.

If you live in Redland Bay or surrounding suburbs like Victoria Point, Mount Cotton or Carbrook I would like to help you achieve pool fence compliance. Even if you don’t need a certificate and just want peace of mind I offer a consultation service.

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