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September 27, 2017
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Pool Fence Inspection Raby Bay

Welcome again to this week’s news article. A pool fence inspection conducted in Raby Bay Cleveland is this weeks’ pick of the inspections. Unfortunately, there was a lot wrong with this property’s pool barrier. I would say the client has been there a long time because it was compliant at the time of buying the property and the number of things needing attention mystified the client no end.

My hands are tied when it comes to what I can and can’t pass. It’s also my head on the chopping block if the pool isn’t compliant.

To start with, there was an approximate gap of 500mm between where the glass fence ended and the side neighbouring fence. Sure, there was a golden can cluster palm blocking access but even that could be navigated through. Next was a gap of 130mm under the fence that fronted onto the canal. Although such a fence is not a requirement, in this instance it acted as the barrier between the neighbouring properties. This was attended to by attaching a timber plank along the bottom. Now this next one is a rarity. There was a window in a patio area through a vertical slab that was about 400mm square. It was a completely hollow section and the height started at approx 1100mm. It needed to be 1200mm. The simplest solution was to place some perspex in it. It turned out nicely.

Another section of the neighbouring fence was short of 1800mm so the non-climbable zone was deemed to be on the outside. This posed a problem because the neighbour had all sorts of climbable items on their side. The solution was simple and that was to raise the height of the fence by 50mm by fixing planks to the top of the fence. This way the non-climbable zone could be deemed to be on the inside.

If you live in Raby Bay Cleveland or surrounding suburbs like Ormiston, Thornlands or Wellington Pt I would like to conduct your pool fence inspection. My Prices are competitive and I am available at short notice.

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