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October 15, 2017
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October 22, 2017

Pool Fence Inspection Ormiston

I visited a lovely place in Ormiston for a pool fence inspection this week. It was on a sloping block upwards from the road to the rear. I’d say this was not your normal spec home. The pool was raised from the patio height and a deck extended out towards the patio but stopped short and had some stairs inset down to the patio. Ormiston is aplenty with spec and architectural homes. The pool had a lovely backdrop of greenery and a waterfall, very delightful. The owners were lovely too and more than willing to oblige the non-compliant issues needing attention.  There were a few but I will only discuss a couple here.

Surprisingly, the issues had not been picked up last time they had an inspection, about 2 years ago. The first issue was some garden edging that weaved in and out along the fence line up behind the waterfall. The distance from the edging to the top of the fence was just shy of 1200mm. This was apparent in 2 places. The solution for the first one was to remove the garden edging and for the second point to raise the fence by 20mm. Each was dealt with easily by the owner.

There were some pot plants along the fence line on the edge of patio and they obviously needed to be moved. Another non-compliant issue was a pool pump shed which had been covered in thin branches held by wire. It was in the “Clear Area” of 300mm in from the fence and could be used to climb the fence. The first thought was to cover the fence in perspex but the client finally settled on removing the branches and placing weather board there. It turned out nicely. Naturally they had to remove the panel of fencing to get the job done but that was all too easy.

If you live in Ormiston or surrounding suburbs like Cleveland or Wellington Point I would like to conduct your pool fence inspection. I believe my rates are very competitive and I am available at short notice.

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