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June 19, 2017
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Pool Fence Inspection Capalaba

When it comes to pool inspections it’s almost always the case that some part of the pool fence includes at least one boundary or dividing fence. Not this one though. This pool fence inspection in Capalaba was a first for me.

The pool was situated smack bang in the middle of the back yard. It had a dedicated aluminium pool fence right the way around. Oddly enough though, it didn’t look out of place. I suppose the reason was it was quite a small pool so there was plenty of other yard space.

At first glance I thought this fence was not going to comply due a slat bordering the pavers against the fence but this was not factoring in that the slat was acting as a bottom rail and that the outside measurement was 1200mm, just perfect. So what was there to fault?

There was one thing; there’s always at least one thing. There was a tap situated on the inside of the fence about 650mm down from the top of the fence. Unfortunately, it fell within the clear area that extends 900mm down from the top rail and 300mm inwards. You can see it in this cross section of a pool barrier. It’s the shaded area on the left on the inside of the fence. The problem is that a child could put their foot through the pool fence and use the tap as a step-up to raise themselves to the top of the fence.

The solution was simple though. A piece of perspex had to extend 450mm (900mm total width) either side of the tap and down 900mm. It was affixed using zip ties so all in all it was an easy fix but I would have to come back for a re-inspection another day.

If you live in Capalaba or surrounding suburbs like Sheldon, Alexandra Hills, Chandler or Gumdale and want your pool inspected then I would like to do it for you. Even if you don’t need a Pool Safety Certificate I offer a consultation service to put your mind at ease.

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