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November 18, 2017
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November 26, 2017

Pool Certificate Wellington Pt

I was privy to a lovely place in Wellington Pt this week to conduct a pool certificate evaluation which had a generous patio and gazebo complete with BBQ, side cooker and yes a sink. There were a lot of non-conforming spots scattered around the yard including parts of the gazebo. The gazebo was half in and half out of the pool area.

I’ll start with the height of the railing around the gazebo. It was short of the required 1200mm high. This was attended to with perspex. Lattice work was also prominent. This had to be sheilded with perspex as well because it could be used as stepping points to climb the railing. I have come across lattice work on a few jobs and it really is a pain, pretty, but a pain. The BBQ and sink assembly had to be removed entirely as it provided a way to climb over the railing into the pool area. There was also an area at the back that was lower than 1200mm so it also had to be sheilded with perspex otherwise one could climb out the back and again into the pool area.

There was a tricky little section at the back where some stairs led up to a retaining wall behind the gazebo. The gap between the stairs railing and a side fence was greater than 100mm (enough for a child to fit through) and with the stairs themselves a child could shimmy up along the outside. Initially, the idea was to put palings on the outside of the railing down over the stair edges. However, another option, and the one chosen, was to put a section of fence on top of the fence, closing off access to the top of the retaining wall.

Large landscaping rocks were used to close off a gap under the fence that was greater than 100mm in one section. A child would have a hard time moving them.

If you live in Wellington Pt or surrounding suburbs of the Redlands like Ormiston or Birkdale I would like to conduct your pool inspection so you can get your pool certificate. I am available at short notice and my rates are very competitive.

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