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November 26, 2017
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Pool Certificate Victoria Pt

This was probably the most difficult pool inspection I have done in an effort to get a pool certificate. It was in Victoria Pt and I ended up with scratches all over me. See, it’s not all fun and games. Part of the process of checking a fence is the need to make sure that the fence passes the rigidity test not to mention check clearances. That involves pushing on the posts and panels to make sure they are sturdy. In most instances access to the fence is quite easy from inside the pool area. Not this time though.

The boundary fences were lined on the inside with decent size lilly pillies. And boy oh boy getting in behind them was a challenge. I knocked down a few spider webs too. Anyway, all said and done there were only a few non-compliant issues. The first being the gaps under the fence being greater than 100mm in places.

There was also a lilly pilly on the outside of the fence in the non-climbable zone (NCZ) of 900mm down and 900mm out from the top of the fence. It had to go completely.

With the gate the bottom hinge spring was busted so after applying approximately 25kg of downward force the gate would not shut properly. Keep in mind that the gate has to shut from all positions, even open only 20mm (2cm).  Not only that, gates must not get stuck on anything when they are opened as far as possible. If for example you have a large rock there stopping the gate from entering into a garden bed where it would get stuck that is fine.

If you live in Victoria Pt or surrounding suburbs like Mt Cotton, Redland Bay or Thornlands I would like to help you obtain your pool certificate. Call me for a price and availability. I am generally available within 48 hours, excusing weekends.

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