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November 14, 2017
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November 18, 2017

Pool Certificate Thornlands

It’s not often that I come across a pool fence where the bars are corroded right through but this week a pool certificate I was arranging in Thornlands was one such occasion. There were other things wrong with the pool barrier but that aspect stood out the most.

To start with there was an array of large pot plants up against the fence. They would be quite difficult to move but it had to be done. I doubt that one person could move them. One of them was a water feature, which was in the non-climbable zone of 900mm from the top of the fence. It was quite nice but had to be moved out 900mm from the fence or located elsewhere.

In another section there was a planter box with vegies growing in it. Regrettably, it was sitting on a frame of sorts. I instructed the tenants that it would have to be located on the ground to comply with the pool safety laws. I have come across this before but on that particular occasion the fence was 1800mm (1.8m) high so the climbable zone was allowed to be deemed as on the inside of the fence.

I want to talk about the corroded fence. There are different ways a fence can be corroded. The base mounted to the ground can corroded through entirely or or just enough to make it wobbly. The reason for the base giving way is the salt water that splashed onto it when people are swimming in the pool. Another way is being located on a canal where salt water is in the air constantly. In both situations the problem needs to be attended to. This photo shows what I witnessed on the job this week.corroded fencing

If you live in Thornlands or surrounding suburbs like Alexandra Hills, Cleveland or Victoria Point I would like to help you get your pool certificate. I am available at short notice and my rates are very competitive.

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