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November 2, 2017
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November 9, 2017

Pool Certificate Raby Bay

This week’s pool certificate endeavour was in Raby Bay. At first glance the pool looked compliant but as I went about taking measurements it became obvious some things were not compliant.

To put you in the picture the property was on a canal. In many instances this complicates the inspection process but not this time. It was a plunge pool and the entire pool was fenced, which is a great start. This does not mean there weren’t non-compliant issues.

The first obvious non-compliant item was a row of rocks along the ground up against one fence run. Most of them complied but some of them were infringing into the “Additional Clear Area” of 1200mm from the top of the fence. This affects the effective height of the fence. The option here was to bury the rocks deeper into the ground, remove them or chip a bit off the top. A job I went to recently had garden edging that did the same thing. Some of it was removed and in the other section the fence was raised.

The next part was really tricky. The neighbour had an olive tree that was right beside the fence. Unfortunately, the chances of them cutting it back to nothing was slim to none. The options that presented were to build a high section of fence 1800mm. This was impractical. The other option was to erect a new fence between the boundary fence and the pool. Restrictions however included that it be 300mm from the ledge of the pool and 900mm from the pool pump shed. Both requirements were met and putting up a fence became the option of choice. Naturally, there would have to be a gate so that access could be made to the pump shed

If you live in Redlands suburbs like Raby Bay and Cleveland I would like to be commissioned to conduct your pool certificate for you. I am available at short notice and my rates are very competitive.


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