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November 23, 2017
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December 2, 2017

Pool Certificate Ormiston

This week’s pool certificate was issued for a property in Ormiston and what a different setup it was. This pool was an above ground so a number of different rules applied. For starters the pool itself acts as a barrier, providing there are no spots where a foothold can be had and it meets the requirement of being 1200mm high. But what about the ladder that leads up into the pool? Well naturally it had to be fenced with a gate. And let me say, the owner did a great job with that part of it.

My first impression was I won’t be issuing a pool certificate for this one on the first visit but the owner had done his homework. Next to the pool was a retaining wall and high one at that. It was set back 900mm from the pool and towered at over 1800mm high. It was a mixture of retaining wall and horizontal slats, which met the requirement of being less than 10mm apart so children can’t get their toes and fingers in there properly to climb it.

It was a messy job site as the pool surrounds was bare clay soil and it had been raining for days. I had to take great care when leaving so as not to slip over when walking down from the pool area to the house.

The basic reason for such a high retaining wall/fence combination was the pool pump on the other side had piping that extended upwards which could be used as footholds to climb up and jump straight into the pool. Hence also the reason why the pool needed to be 900mm away from retaining wall.

The bottom line is it passed the inspection and a pool certificate was issued that same day, much to the client’s delight.

If you live in the Redlands in suburbs like Ormiston, Cleveland or Wellington Pt I would like to help you obtain your pool certificate. I am available at brief notice and I think you will agree that my prices are very fair.

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