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November 5, 2017
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November 14, 2017

Pool Certificate Cleveland

This week’s pool inspection for the purpose of a pool certificate was a little plunge pool in Cleveland. I am seeing more and more of these plunge pools in the area. They make a lot of sense too for a 2 bedroom house/unit. They are easy to maintain time wise and cost wise.

The usual BBQ being too close to the fence was occurring. All climbable items must be 900mm (90cm) clear of the fence. The tenant was more than happy to oblige.

I can see why the Pool Safety Laws were changed to not allow gaps between the bottom of the fence and the “dirt” to be more than 100mm. This pool had pebbles under the fence that were 225mm deep in places. What was required to fix this was a “new” piece of perspex fixed to the bottom of the fence. The old piece was really just there for show (in my mind).

There was a CPR sign mounted correctly and in good condition. There are a few checks that must be done with these signs. They must have instruction for performing CPR on children under 1 year of age because the application of CPR is slightly different for them. For starters two fingers are used for the compressions, and secondly, their head must not be tilted back.

The only other non-compliance was the gate. It shut from most positions but must shut from even 20mm (2cm). The latch on this one was fouling because the post had moved slightly. To remedy this non-compliance a thin washer had to be placed under the post to bring it into line.

If you live in Cleveland or surrounding suburbs of the Redlands like Ormiston, Raby Bay, or Thornlands I would like to conduct your pool inspection so you can achieve compliance and receive your Pool Certificate. My Rates are very competitive.

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