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November 9, 2017
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November 16, 2017

Pool Certificate Alexandra Hills

When it comes to dealing with things neighbours have on their side of the fence the best approach is always pleading with their good nature. A pool inspection this week in Alexandra Hills where the client required a pool certificate was one such occasion where the client was at the mercy of the neighbours.

There is an alternate option and that is to raise the fence to 1800mm (1.8m) high on the inside. This can be difficult in some situations. and I came across one in Raby Bay the other week too.

As for this instance, the fence complied with being 1800mm high in certain spots so there was the option to raise the fence height slightly. What was making this difficult though was there was a large bird cage on the clients side of the fence. If we were to raise the fence height the bird cage would have to go because it was less than 1800mm high and provided a step down into the pool area. It was in the non-climbable zone of 900mm from the top of the fence.

So the best option was to ask the neighbour to move some items he had up against the fence. This became a pressing issue as the house was under contract and the neighbour was doing things in his own time because he was in the process of cleaning out his shed. So I couldn’t pass the pool barrier until that was done. Two days before handover the client contacts me and says that it is all clear now. I head over and all has been attended to. The pool certificate can now be issued.

It’s not always a case that a client wants a pool certificate. In some instances they just want advice on what needs attending to. If you live in Alexandra Hills or surrounding suburbs like Ormiston, Capalaba or Wellington Point then allow me to assist you in obtaining your pool certificate. I have very affordable rates.

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