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Non-compliance and climbable objects
February 20, 2017

A different Pool Inspection Redlands

This week in pool inspection Redlands I met with a rather different pool setup. The pool was in the front yard and the driveway ran down beside the pool fence.

It’s not often that you would come across such a setup. What was common with other pools was a variety of fence types. There was an aluminium pool fence closest to the house, a ColourBond fence along the driveway and timber fences for the front of the property and the dividing fence.

There were only a couple of issues that didn’t comply with the pool safety standards but the one most difficult to find a solution to is the gate that was fouling on a screw.. a screw that was an integral part of the closing mechanism. The gate was closing from further out but not from 1 inch. Pool gates need to close from all positions.

It has been said that pool gates account for the largest percentage of drownings in swimming pools. One of the noted causes is a gate that is propped open with something like a pot plant or rope. It’s sadly regrettable that cases like that have been observed. Authorities are making efforts to educate the public on such issues to prevent incidents like that happening.

If you live in the Redlands and want to be sure your pool complies with the pool laws you can Contact me for a Consultation.

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